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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Hard Hat Oil Field

Klein Tools 60347 Hard Hat

Vented Full Brim, Class C

Premium KARBN Pattern

Rechargeable Lamp, Padded

Sweat-Wicking Sweatband

Top Pad

Klein Tools KHHTOPPAD2 Hard Hat Top Pad Replacement, Premium KARBN, Replacement Part for Klein Hard Hats, 3-Pack, Blue

Klein Tools KHHSWTBND2 Hard Hat Sweatband Replacement, Premium KARBN, Replacement for Klein Hard Hats, 3-Pack, Blue

Klein Tools KHHSTRP Chin Strap for Hard Hat, Multi-point Adjustment and Soft Chin Cup, Fits Klein Tools Hard Hats

Klein Tools KHHSPN2 Hard Hat Suspension Replacement, Premium KARBN, for Klein Tools Full Brim Hard Hats, Ratchet Knob and Pivot Adjustment

Klein Tools 56062 Rechargeable LED Headlamp / Worklight for Klein Hardhats, 300 Lumens, All-Day Runtime, 3 Modes, for Work and Outdoors

Klein Tools 60132 Balaclava, Warm Breathable Fleece Wind Proof Hinged Balaclava Face Mask, Black

Aluminum Gaugers Tray

Brass Plum Bob

Gauge Tape

Wood Back Holder

Wood Back Thermometer

100ml Glass Short Cone 200% Graduated

Oil Thief Sampler with Clear Acrylic Barrel


100ml Short Cone Centrifuge Tube Shield

Woodback Rope

100ml Short Cone Tube Brush

API Gravity Hydrometer - 10 to 45

API Gravity Hydrometer - 30 to 90

Hydrometer Case

Standard Tank Sizes 210 BBL 15ft x 10ft ft x 14.004 in x 1.167 Q x 0.29175 210.06 BBL 300 BBL 15ft x 12ft 298.8 BBL ft x 19.92 in x 1.66 Q x 0.415 400 BBL 20ft x 12ft 398.4 BBL ft x 19.92 in x 1.66 Q x 0.415 500 BBL 16ft x 15ft-6in 528 BBL ft x 33 in x 2.75 Q x 0.6875 500 BBL 16ft x 15ft-6.5in 535.68 BBL ft x 33.48 in x 2.79 Q x 0.6975